Travel based influencer marketing with a heart
We bring brands & influencers together to visitexotic locations around the worldTo capture beautiful content, stay in unique places & provide humanitarian aid.



A brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is.
It's what consumers tell each other it is.

Generate trackable impressions and sales through instagram story "swipe up" links

Almost instantly put your brand on the map

Each trip 10+ million eyes are on your brand just through our influencers weekly instagram story views.

Your brand will be part of a socially conscious & life changing project. Helping others while helping your brand-multiple deliverables from us to you, that will help fuel brand image and awareness.

Each trip will produce an average of 80 million impressions.

We work with the brand and the influencer to create unique and customizable campaigns to bring the most value.

Influence the consumer through "the influencer," become part of the conversation.

Real integration + real results + real people.

Influencer marketing works if done correctly. We help you create valuable and correct campaigns that are implemented while in exotic locations. This provides unique content and added value to your brand and the overall consumers view of it.
We reach 6 - 10 Million followers on each trip
We maximize social influencers and give them an opportunity to travel the world, capture beautiful content and help others.
Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile - Albert Einstein
Travel & Influence + Let It Flow


Helping others is a huge part of our trips and ultimately our reason in creating Travel and Influence. Since we are not a charity we coordinate our efforts through Let It Flow who are masters of their craft. Each trip is different but as of now we are focusing our efforts on CLEAN WATER. We leverage social media in a beautiful way that allows us the ability to truly influence, by helping others.
Join us in directly and positively helping the lives of others through these beautiful and amazing trips.
join us January 2019 CAMBODIA + THAILAND
change your life February 2019 ETHIOPIA + ISTANBUL
swim with the pigs March 2019 BAHAMAS + HAITI
see the light April 2019 MADAGASCAR + SOUTH AFRICA
let's cruise a tuk tuk May 2019 PHILIPPINES + TAIWAN
June 2019 EGYPT + DUBAI
wanna ride an elephant? July 2019 MALAWI + IRELAND
Hey Joe! August 2019 INDONESIA + TOKYO
Walk like an Egyptian September 2019 TANZANIA + AMSTERDAM
Ken-ya dig? October 2019 INDIA + SRI LANKA
Be 1 in 1.34 billion November 2019 KENYA + SWITZERLAND
Where do you want to go? December 2019 PARK CITY + AMSTERDAM + INDIA

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